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Evarise is the new feedback and self-consulting suite for agencies, software developers and freelancers. Together with our partner in Germany, we have built Evarise to improve the overall performance of companies in the digital and creative world. We know that working smartly and efficiently is some of the very essential key success factors.

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Electronic medical records

EMR Integration platform using .net technology has already generated interests across the globe in terms of addressing the pressing needs of the CTOs in healthcare. The framework complies to all international standards in the healthcare sector. Patient centric Electronic Medical record model framework including data standardisation on region basis – A model for emerging countries – Pilot implementations done with the Ministry of health to reduce the healthcare costs in Middle East.

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ECM Suite

Every day, countless documents are entered into a company, analogous to digital. With our innovative indexing, our ScanClient and our search function, the ECM-Suite helps you to bring order to this multitude of documents. The advantage: all relevant documents are collected centrally, efficiently and sustainably, and you get all the important documents in your work basket.

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